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LobbyAPI was created to manage multiple worlds and allow players to teleport to those worlds using user friendly menu, while being able to be fully configurable.Just by using the commands /lobby or /hub, the player has access to all worlds specified in the menu, where when they click on the block the represents a world they are teleported to location given to that world. Все bungee api для майнкрафт. LobbyAPI has tons of configurable methods to change the color of the block in the menu, the amount of that block, what spot it is located, and the description of the world, who can see or go to a world, along with the methods for how the world will interact with other worlds.======Credits===============================Tutorial Music provided by Jake and Chris Fleming~~~~~~Ways to Support~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Patreon: Looking for a good server host? Looking for a network? --------Social------------------------------------------------------------------Twitter = Facebook = ==========================================

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