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In-woo (Lee Byung-Hun) and Tae-hee (Lee Eun-Ji) are two college freshmen who didn’t believe in love at first sight, but later find themselves wrapped in a deep relationship that would last forever. Bungee online. One day they vow to make their love eternal by sealing it with a bungee jump. But their promise is never fulfilled when Tae-hee suddenly disappears out of In-woo’s life for what seems like eternity. Seventeen years later, In-woo is still unable to get Tae-hee out of his mind even though he’s married and has a loving family. While giving a lecture to his students, In-woo is reminded of the memorable times he spent with Tae-hee when one of the students asks about his first love experience. From this point on, In-woo thinks nothing of it until the student rehashes habits and sayings that are so reminiscent of Tae-hee. Clinging onto his hope that he will meet Tae-hee once more, a strange mystery unfolds as In-woo tries to discover who this student really is.Movie: Bungee Jumping of Their OwnRevised romanization: Beonjijeompeureul hadaHangul: 번지점프를 하다Director: Kim Dae-SeungWriter: Ko Eun-NimProducer: Choi Nak-KwonCinematographer Lee Hu-KonRelease Date: February 3, 2001Runtime: 101 Min.Language: KoreanCountry: South Korea

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